Fallout. With foxes!

In the not so distant future of Foxland/Pyrrhia, science has made an outstanding breakthrough, and many new electronics have been invented- screens (Computers and that stuff), electricity, vehicles, guns, and Nukes, among others. However, this golden age was short lived, for a new war with the wolves broke out, which soon became a nuclear war, and bathed the lands in radiation. Most died, but some colonies of survivors sprouted up in this hellscape we call home. Now the only goal is to survive.  Survival is hard- the radiation also created creatures that live to kill. Not only that, but raiders and slavers came as well. Movement is survival and you must scavenge: you never know what you may find out there. I'll be seeing you out there in the wild.


1. One OC per person.

2. Long posts, please. It doesn't have to be novel-tier, but make your posts count.

3. Minor swears are allowed (hell, damn, piss). If you use major ones, asterisk them out, please.

4. No bullying.

5. No powerplaying.

6. Don't kill anyfox without asking.

Have fun!