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The Artic Struggle

Black-Tip's father was murdered. Every day since that, the Artic fox has been looking for the killer. Even with his powers of deduction, he can't figure it out. So he decided to call a team of foxes together to help him with his case. You are the foxes who received a message. Join Black-Tip on a thrilling chase through the Artic, searching for the murderer that the fox has been looking for.

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ooo ooo oooo

Caspian ?))


Black-Tip sat with his tail curled over his paws. He had sent out the messages two days ago.... The ones he invited should have been here...


"OH IM HERE IM HERE!" Caspian said, thinking that he was late. But um, no he wasnt.., no one else was here execept for the host, of course.

"Oh, um, Where is everyone else?"

"You are the only one so far," Black-Tip replied. "I need at least to foxes to commence, so I'll wait here. Help yourself to anything in my burrow."


"Ok thanks." Cass said, And he was off into Black tips's burrow.

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