Currently in a serious relationship with Denay

Background Information
Creator JB
Main Attribute Bleh
Elemental Attribute Bleh
Theme Animal Bleh
Theme Color Black
Character Information
Age 123456789000000
Orientation Bi bruh
Occupation Being a fox
Tribe/Pack Fox
Goal bndjgahrfjsdk
Residence The Fox Knights Camp
Allies Fox Knights
Enemies jhgfdsawertyu
Likes dfhs
Dislikes srtnsrtn
Powers and abilities srt jtvtstvvstvvthtsvh
Weapons vsrthvshrhhhhhh
Ships hhhhh
Quote dghnbvcxse

The Bad Boy

Slightly based of the colors of Toothless

More often referred to as Sham or Shamz, Shamen is a character of many faces. watch out for mood swings, and general teen angst.

He is Harry Potter from The Order of the Phoenix btw


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