• 1. What are foxes to you?

    A. Uh, they're cute, I guess.

    B. Foxes are love, foxes are life.

    C. They're all right

    D. Foxes are the one right thing in our twisted world.

    2. Are you a fox?

    A. Yes

    B. No

    3. If you saw a wallet with no identification lying on the ground, would you steal it?

    A. Of course. I can distribue the money amongst myself and the poor, helping everyfox!

    B. No. It isn't mine, and I'm sure somefox is looking for it.

    C. Ooooh! Money! MINE MINE MINE!

    D. No. I have enough money already.

    4. Are you a good chef?

    A. No. I'm trying to learn, though! My friends need me to be there for them.

    B. Yeah. I have to be if I want to live.

    C. I guess I'm okay.

    D. Who's asking?

    5. What is your favorite color?

    A. *Favorite color*, though I'm not sure why it matters.

    B. I don't have time for trivial things like that!

    C. *Favorite color*. What's yours?

    D. *Favorite color*

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